Stearman PT-17 – vintage biplane

Stearman PT-17 is a vintage biplane. For a very long time I’ve had a dream of flying on a vintage biplane with an open cockpit. The Boeing/ Stearman PT-17 was used in 1920-30s as a trainer plane.

Circuit flight 360 video

Circuit flight 360 video | Cessna 152

Circuit flight 360 video was recorded at St-Hyacinthe airport (Canada, Quebec). This is my first experience of 360 video recording during the flight!

flight for range and endurance

Flight for Range and Endurance

This training, Flight for range and endurance, is included to the Private Pilot Licence program according Transport Canada.

Deyneko Fedor Stepanovich

Fedor Deyneko immediately jumped off the truck, run into the forest and fell in a bush. Germans began fire. They were unable to stop the truck on the uphill, which helped to courageous and lucky Fedor Deyneko

building ho train table

Building an HO train table

HO Trains are among toys, which are considered too expensive for children to play with. It may also be considered that an HO model railway layout is too complicated for children under age 7-10 years old. this is partially true.

детский футбол в Канаде

Girls’ soccer in LaSalle: Italy team in action!

There is soccer in LaSalle for girls and Alice became interested in it two years ago. She has already played two seasons for the Denmark team and for Norway team. And she looked forward to this 2014 soccer’s season.But in this year  all become more serious for example girls play on “big” field in comparing

usmle step 1 passed

I passed USMLE Step 1!

Hooray! I passed USMLE Step 1! And I would like share this my and my family victory with my relatives and friends. For working as physician in USA or Canada you must pass exams and then underwent residency. The Step 1 it is the first exam and it thought it is most difficult. According official

girls soccer in lasalle

Girls’ soccer in Lasalle: Norway team in action

Alice started play girls soccer in Lasalle in the Summer 2012 you can read about it and see pictures in an article “Soccer for girls in Lasalle“. She played in Denmark team (yellow t-shirts). Last season was extremely difficult for her as well for her team because there was not constant team coach, team constantly

Child bike seat vs trailer

We would like to share with you by our 14 years experience of using child bike seats and trailers for our three children. Safety I think at the first we should speak about the safety. Who knows may be you are professional and never fall. But anyway we must remember about this situation. With trailer

Soccer for girls in Lasalle – Denmark team in action!

Who can surprised women football or even soccer for girls today? 🙂 My wife and I found an information in local newspaper about soccer for girls in LaSalle. Although soccer is not very popular in our family we decided to try our daughter in this sport just for diversify. Why not? This is sport.Alice never play