Flight for Range and Endurance

This training, Flight for range and endurance, is included to the Private Pilot Licence program according Transport Canada.

For the training we used North VFR exit from CYHU (St Hubert airport). This video contains GPS track data that you will see time to time and it will show you where we are.

At the first time in my life I landed the aircraft at sunset – in low light condition. Additionally there was a significant side wind from the right . We worried that landing will be after sunset… I landed the aircraft at official daytime, but taxied during (official) nighttime 🙂

The video divided into chapters (see below). You can watch most interested moments for you!

Flight for Range and Endurance – Chapters:

  1. Check list: Before starting engine
  2. Engine start
  3. Check list: After engine start
  4. Radio: ATIS
  5. Altimeter, compass
  6. Instructor explains how use the radio
  7. Radio: Initial Ground contact
  8. Taxiing
  9. Before Take-off briefing
  10. Radio: Cross RWY 06L and contact tower
  11. Engine Run Up
  12. Check list: bebore take off
  13. Radio: Take off clearance request
  14. Take-off clearance
  15. Take off
  16. Instructor, look at your map
  17. Climbing to 1900ft (Best Climb Ratio)
  18. VTA Chart again
  19. Main Lesson: Max range (Cessna 172)
  20. Radio: Traffic advisory
  21. Main lesson: Endurance
  22. Steep turn
  23. Radio: Tower frequency
  24. Radio: Contact with tower
  25. Radio: Change up flight (Tower)
  26. Check list: Before landing
  27. Approach
  28. Final
  29. Landing
  30. Check list: After landing
  31. Radio: Contact to Ground
  32. Engine shut down
Flight for Range and Endurance Cessna 172
After the flight – it is official night

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