Building an HO train table

HO Trains are among toys, which are considered too expensive for children to play with. It may also be considered that an HO model railway layout is too complicated for children under age 7-10 years old. this is partially true. Although, we have found that an adult’s assistance allows children from the age of 5-6 to play with it without any difficulties. Moreover, we can use it as a great tool for teaching; improving fine motors skills and developing cooperative playing. In this article, we will share our experience of building HO train table for educative play with children. The result is presented in the video below:


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Litvakovskiy Alexey Petrovich

His orphaned childhood and the war gave him a “steel temper” and he had his own motto:  “You can’t? Get up and go, work through “I can’t”.”.

Litvakovskiy Alexey Petrovich (19.03.1920 - Litvakovskiy Alexey Petrovich08.05.2005).

He is Ukranian and was born in the Chornorudka village of  Vcherayshenskiy rayon,  Zhytomyr Oblast.





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Girls’ soccer in LaSalle: Italy team in action!

soccer in Lasalle 2014There is soccer in LaSalle for girls and Alice became interested in it two years ago. She has already played two seasons for the Denmark team and for Norway team. And she looked forward to this 2014 soccer's season.
But in this year  all become more serious for example girls play on "big" field in comparing with last seasons. On this huge  field (for kids) it is not enough to run the crowd they need be able to pass each other etc. Continue reading

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I passed USMLE Step 1!

Hooray! I passed USMLE Step 1! And I would like share this my and my family victory with my relatives and friends.
For working as physician in USA or Canada you must pass exams and then underwent residency. The Step 1 it is the first exam and it thought it is most difficult. According official statistic in 2012 only 68% from IMG could passed Step 1 🙁 . In spite my score is not high it enough for my goal so I very glad.

passed USMLE Step 1

After about a year of correspondence with the Continue reading

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Girls’ soccer in Lasalle: Norway team in action

Alice started play girls soccer in Lasalle in the Summer 2012 you can read about it and see pictures in an article "Soccer for girls in Lasalle". She played in Denmark team (yellow t-shirts). Last season was extremely difficult for her as well for her team because there was not constant team coach, team constantly lost their games so why lot of team's player gave up. It led to inability to changes of players during the games in the hot summer in compare of enemy teams! Players from her team were really exhausted after games.
But in spite of this she liked this game 🙂 Continue reading

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Child bike seat vs trailer

We would like to share with you by our 14 years experience of using child bike seats and trailers for our three children.

child bike seat vs trailer

1998, Russian Siberia. It was the beginning. At that time we had not any special thing for carrying kids. We modified a backpack for carrying our first son. Don't do it.

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Soccer for girls in Lasalle – Denmark team in action!

Soccer for girls in LaSalle - MontrealWho can surprised women football or even soccer for girls today? 🙂 My wife and I found an information in local newspaper about soccer for girls in LaSalle. Although soccer is not very popular in our family we decided to try our daughter in this sport just for diversify. Why not? This is sport.
Alice never play soccer before and she had not an idea about rules... During first games Alice took the ball by hands several times...  And she was surprised when she is explained that it is inappropriate in soccer. Continue reading

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My kids and me – our first bike tour Montreal – Campground West KOA

My kids have never been to a hike in the woods. They never spent night in a tent, they never sitting by the camping fire. My wife and I were very busy with our work. Here in Montreal in the winter I decided to organize a summer trip to a campground with children. Continue reading

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Acetabular angle – deficiency of the classical method of measuring

Acetabular angle (or index) plays important role in diagnostic of different conditions and diseases of the hip joint. Sometimes it plays critical role in diagnostic of developmental hip dysplasia, congenital hip dislocation etc. Sharp angle is another indicator of the acetabulum deformation.  In the classical variant of measurement lateral point of most lateral part of the acetabulum is used. But in case of acetabular deformation this classical method is not always accurate. Continue reading

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qTranslate vs WPML

In January 2011 we created our family site - My family and I live in the Montreal so we use three languages: French (official here), English (second here) and Russian (it is our native language). At the first I made our family site in simple html but later I decided to transfer the site to WordPress platform. And I started search solution - how can I create multilingual WordPress site.

How to create multilingual site

After intensive surfing in the internet I found two leading plugins: qTranslate and WPML. Continue reading

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