Straight and Level Flight – Cessna 172

Straight and Level Flight on Cessna 172 – Private Pilot Licence training.

Straight and Level Flight is mandatory exercise for Private Pilot Licence’s training program in Canada according Transport Canada.

Unfortunately during initial climbing I occasionally turned intercom recording off 🙁 To prevent it in the future I use Lock mode on my recording device.


Chapters: “Straight and Level Flight on Cessna 172”

  • 0:00:00 Radio: Initial contact with Ground control of St Hubert airport
  • 0:04:40 An info about taxiing speed on Cessna 172 (my flight instructor explains it)
  • 0:12:51 We are waiting in line for take-off
  • 0:16:58 Hold short, RWY 24L
  • 0:18:15 Radio: Line up and wait
  • 0:19:10 Radio: Clearance for take-off and take-off
  • 0:22:31 I occasionally turned off the intercom recording device 🙁
  • 0:30:20 Radio: St-Jean-sur-Richelieu controller demanded for changing heading due to an aircraft on approaching (dash line in the picture below)
  • 0:32:06 How correct to release flaps on Cessna 172 + pilots’ mistakes about flaps on low level altitude.
  • 0:37:04 How to keep straight heading by using two visual points
  • 0:34:49 Level flight – Cessna 172 trimming
  • 0:39:15 Be careful, beyond this lake is United States 🙂
  • 0:40:04 Going home

Below is the GPS track that was recorded during the flight

Straight and Level Flight
This track is recorded during the flight. Dashed line – our planned flight. We changed heading near St-Jean-sur-Richelieu due to a controller’s advice (read an explanation in the text above)
Beyond that lake USA

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