Go around procedure Cessna 152 after bad landing attempt

A Go around procedure Cessna 152 was performed after a bad landing attempt


I am continuing my training for a Private Pilot’s Licence and getting closer to flying solo flights. According to Transport Canada there is some obligatory training before solo flights. Go-around or overshooting are on the list of these training topics.

Go around procedure Cessna 152

Go around procedure Cessna 152 – it is a complete procedure. It looks very easy, but in a situation, when you have to do a go-around it is usually urgent. For this reason this procedure should be performed safely and correctly:

  1. Maximum power!
  2. Cut carburetor heating. The Cessna 152 has a carburetor. There is a risk of the carburetor icing up on low RPM. At the same time the carb heating decreases power. We should cut the carburetor heating when we need maximum power.
  3. Remove the flaps step by step with airspeed control. If we remove all the flaps at once, the plane will crash on the runway! It is very important that the flight instructor repeatedly reminds the trainee to gradually remove flaps as in this flight.

Some details about the flight day

Before the flight we agreed that Thomas Villeneuve, my flight instructor, would give an instruction to do an overshoot. In fact, it happened naturally.
There was side wind. The Cessna 152 drifted to the left on the landing attempt and it was difficult for me to control the plane (lack of experience of landing with cross a wind). During the first landing attempt, the plane bounced (watch the video). The flight instructor did not need to give a reason for the go-around procedure 🙂 At St-Hyacinthe airport the runway is relatively narrow and there were snow curbs along the edges of the runway. This meant that there was a risk associated with continuing the landing attempt.

Briefly about the video recording:

I used a 360 degree camera for external video recording. The raw video from the camera can be used for preparing 360 video like in this publication or it can be used for a reframed video. While preparing the reframed video it is possible to turn the camera virtually and change its angle etc. When we watch such videos it appears that the camera turns physically! I cannot imagine what capability we will have in ten years!

I like this approach – when an author can demonstrate what he/she wants to show. How about you?
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Go around procedure Cessna 152
After we placed Cessna 152 in its hangar and flight debriefing it was sunset

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