Circuit flight 360 video | Cessna 152

Circuit flight 360 video was recorded at St-Hyacinthe airport (Canada, Quebec). This is my first experience of 360 video recording during the flight!

To change direction of view use keyboard arrows, mouse or your finger (if you watching on your phone) 🙂

Circuit flight 360 video – some details

This flight was performed on Cessna 152 in Académie de l’Aviation St-Hyacinte (St-Hyacinthe aerodrome, CSU3). The main goal was to make several circuits and make a couple overshoots (go around) according PPL training.

In future publications, I will write more details about 360 video recording on aircraft, recording/sync audio, editing and render 360 video format.

Circuit flight 360 video
After the flight. Sunset at St-Hyacinthe airport

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  1. Great images captured! Love the content, can’t wait to see the rest of your flight training in images

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