Flying circuits Cessna

Flying circuits in a Cessna 152

Flying circuits in a Cessna 152 at St-Hyacinthe aerodrome (CSU3)

The training was held at the Académie de l’aviation St-Hyacinthe with my flight instructor – Mr Steven de l’Étoile. It was my first PPL training for circuits and touch and go. Frankly speaking I was a little bit nervous – can land and hold the aircraft on the runway. After flights on St-Hubert airport, St-Hyacinthe’s runway is quite narrow for me. Additionally, the runway was covered with ice.


There are chapters in the video (see below), so you can watch most interesting fragments for you.


  1. Take off
  2. Radio – initial climbing
  3. Radio – downwind (instructor)
  4. Radio – final
  5. 1st touch and go attempt (unsuccessful)
  6. 2nd circuit
  7. Take-off part is extended due to traffic
  8. Radio – initial climbing
  9. Radio – downwind (instructor)
  10. Radio – Long base due to traffic (instructor/ FR)
  11. Touch and Go demonstration (instructor)
  12. 3rd circuit
  13. Radio – initial climb (instructor)
  14. Touch and Go (3rd circuit)
  15. 4th circuit
  16. Extend take-off part due to traffic
  17. Radio – Traffic advisory (Fr)
  18. Radio – downwind (instructor/ Fr)
  19. Radio – final of 4th circuit (instructor/ Fr)
  20. 4th touch and go
  21. 5th Circuit
  22. Waiting on final (aircraft on RWY)
  23. 5th Touch and Go
  24. 6th Circuit
  25. 6th Touch and Go
  26. 7th Circuit
  27. Flying circuits in the Cessna 152 is finished 🙂 – Landing for full stop

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Head photo – I am checking the quality of fuel. The fuel is OK – we can fly!

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