girls soccer in lasalle

Girls’ soccer in Lasalle: Norway team in action

Alice started play girls soccer in Lasalle in the Summer 2012 you can read about it and see pictures in an article “Soccer for girls in Lasalle“. She played in Denmark team (yellow t-shirts). Last season was extremely difficult for her as well for her team because there was not constant team coach, team constantly lost their games so why lot of team’s player gave up. It led to inability to changes of players during the games in the hot summer in compare of enemy teams! Players from her team were really exhausted after games.
But in spite of this she liked this game 🙂

This season she plays in Norway team.

Game against Poland team 2013-06-03

Poland against Norway soccer team
Our team work in defense
girls soccer in Lasalle
goalkeeper saves the situation
One of dangerous moments for our team, but goalkeeper saves the situation! Bravo!

Game against Croatia team 2013-06-05

soccer for girls in Lasalle QC

soccer for girls in Lasalle QC

Game against Greece team 2013-06-17

Denmark vs Greece girs soccer
Last season this player (blue t-shirt)  from Greece team was in one team with Alice. Today they play against each other.


Game against Ukraine team 2013-06-26

girls soccer - work in defence
work in defense
Alice is goalkeeper of the soccer team
Today Alice is a goalkeeper of the team.

Game against Denmark 2013-07-15

girls from Denmark team are exhausted but they attack our goals
Our girls from Denmark team are exhausted but they attack
Alice was in Denmark team in last season today our girls play against this team 🙂 In spite girls from Denmark team are exhausted (no changes) they attack our goals.

Last season Denmark team had small numbers of players i.e. no changes during the game. It seems situation for Denmark repeats they have no change today and it is very difficult for kids play in hot day without change.

Girls eating sweets during break.
Girls eating sweets during the breaks.
Teams say "good game" to each other
Teams say “good game” to each other. We won with 7:2.
Our team after the last game of the season
Our team after the last game of the season.

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