детский футбол в Канаде

Girls’ soccer in LaSalle: Italy team in action!

There is soccer in LaSalle for girls and Alice became interested in it two years ago. She has already played two seasons for the Denmark team and for Norway team. And she looked forward to this 2014 soccer’s season.
But in this year  all become more serious for example girls play on “big” field in comparing with last seasons. On this huge  field (for kids) it is not enough to run the crowd they need be able to pass each other etc.

Game against  France team (SJ).
2014-06-10, City Park (Lasalle)

Game against Sphynx team (IDS).
2014-06-17, Leroux park.

our soccer team
Today, before game we decided to take photo of our team.

Game against Lions team (IDS).
2014-06-19, Archambault park (Île des Sœurs).

Score: 0:0

Game against Spain team (RDG).
2014-06-26, Сity Hall park (LaSalle).

Game against German team.
2014-06-27, Raymond park.

Game against Portugal team.
2014-06-30, Leroux park.

This is second game with this team. Last time they played much better and this time our team has initiative all match. Portugal attacks were fast supressed.

Alice in action!
Alice in action!

They got one their score by penalty only after the ball hit a hand our girl near our goal.

We won with 4:1.

Game against Spain team.
2014-07-03, Leroux park (LaSalle).

Spain team attacked a lot… there were lot of danger situation near our goals… one of these situations you can see below.

Alice saves our team.
Alice saves our team.

We already had game with the Spain team and today score is same – 0:0 🙂

Game against France team.
2014-07-08, City Hall (LaSalle).


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