Acetabular angle – deficiency of the classical method of measuring

Acetabular angle (or index) plays important role in diagnostic of different conditions and diseases of the hip joint. Sometimes it plays critical role in diagnostic of developmental hip dysplasia, congenital hip dislocation etc. Sharp angle is another indicator of the acetabulum deformation.  In the classical variant of measurement lateral point of most lateral part of the acetabulum is used. But in case of acetabular deformation this classical method is not always accurate. This inaccuracy could be due upper middle part of acetabular cup deformation only. We agree with some authors that for determination of acetabular angle or sharp angle lateral point of subchondral (subcartilaginous) sclerosis of the acetabulum could be used.


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qTranslate vs WPML

In January 2011 we created our family site - My family and I live in the Montreal so we use three languages: French (official here), English (second here) and Russian (it is our native language). At the first I made our family site in simple html but later I decided to transfer the site to Wordpress platform. And I started search solution - how can I create multilingual Wordpress site.

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My cat Busya has fallen from the balcony and lost – a story with happy end

I came home after school competition (race at 3km) and my parents said that they did not see my cat since morning. We searched everywhere. In the closet under my bed, everywhere. Then I got an idea.  I go to the neighbors  and asked them, “did you see my cat?” Because my cat often plays on the balcony and we have common balcony with our neighbors. So Busya could go to them. But they said, “no we did not see any cat”. Then I said them, “may be she can be behind that TV?” They checked there – nothing. (more…)

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We visited a place with dolmens in 2007 year near Tuapse town, Krasnodarskiy kray (Russia, Black sea). Of course that place was adapted for tourists (we knew it), so we were little bit skeptical… But when we met the dolmens and surrounding them forest… we felt a mystery. I can’t  imagine how those huge stones were placed on to their places! And note – dolmens are placed on the top a mountain… These stones are not just stones they have accurate shapes… Specialists say that dolmens have age same as Egyptian pyramids.

In spite there are many versions nobody knows who, why or why build the dolmens...

Watch our video from there: (more…)

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Bell internet provider’s customer service – unforgettable

And now we are in an apartment that we rented recently. How can you live in this modern world without the internet and television? In my memory is still present the inexpressible “soviet-like” service. The internal voice says to me, “Don’t worry – you are in Canada – it is developed country where service is placed in the first place.

After comparing some providers (internet, TV, phone) in Montreal we made the decision to use Bell[1].

bell internet customer service (more…)

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