Soccer for girls in Lasalle – Denmark team in action!

Soccer for girls in LaSalle - Montreal

Who can surprised women football or even soccer for girls today? 🙂 My wife and I found an information in local newspaper about soccer for girls in LaSalle. Although soccer is not very popular in our family we decided to try our daughter in this sport just for diversify. Why not? This is sport.
Alice never play soccer before and she had not an idea about rules… During first games Alice took the ball by hands several times…  And she was surprised when she is explained that it is inappropriate in soccer.


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PILI or French language courses in Montreal

French courses in Montreal Quebec province has special program for learn French language it called Francisation (or Francization). Main purpose of this program to study French. But this program is very useful for adaptation and integration in Canadian society after immigration in Quebec. We have been studying in French language courses in Montreal for 8 months (from May to Dec 2010).

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