Soccer for girls in Lasalle – Denmark team in action!

Soccer for girls in Lasalle – Denmark team in action!

Soccer for girls in LaSalle - Montreal

Who can surprised women football or even soccer for girls today? 🙂 My wife and I found an information in local newspaper about soccer for girls in LaSalle. Although soccer is not very popular in our family we decided to try our daughter in this sport just for diversify. Why not? This is sport.
Alice never play soccer before and she had not an idea about rules… During first games Alice took the ball by hands several times…  And she was surprised when she is explained that it is inappropriate in soccer.

And now Girls’s soccer team Denmark in action! Field near Cavalier de LaSalle school:

Game against “Greece”. 21 June 2012

Instructions and notes for Alice

Instructions and notes for Alice - how to play soccer

In the beginning all girls were separated by teams. Each team was named after a country.

First game - field near Cavalier de Lasalle

The Alice’s team was named as “Denmark”.

Our soccer team Denmark received yellow t-shirts

Our team (“Denmark”) received yellow t-shirts.

development of woman's soccer in Canada

Girls from team named “Greece” hit the ball toward our goal through the “wall”.

Girl from "Greek" team hit the ball toward our goal

And first game is over.

First match is over - Lasalle soccer field

The game against the team “Croatia”. June 28, 2012

Today Alice plays in back’s position. Opposing team is attacking.

Canada soccer for girls

Alice throws the ball in.

Alice throws the ball in

Even in girls’ soccer injures are happen…. A trauma but nothing serious

woman's soccer injury
Canada, Montreal - Lasalle, soccer field

Alice tries counterattack

Girs soccer in Quebec

Hurrah! Goal! 🙂 Look Alexandra and Alain are happy too…

Firs goal of the Denmark team

This is our first win!

First win of girls soccer team

Game against “Ukraine”. 3 July 2012

This is third game of Alice in whole her life! And she has improvement.

Quebec - Lasalle, before a match
Soccer field Cavalier de Lasalle - Denmark vs Ukraine

Unfortunately our team today has only 5 players.

Ukraine's girls team is attacking
Fight for the ball

Hot day, no substitution, against opposing team which has superiority in numbers… Our girls just exhausted.

exhausted girls - soccer

In spite of girls are very tired they not surrender and even find objects for jokes. 🙂

girs from soccer team not surender and find objects for jokes

Teams say bye for each other. After the loss mood isn’t very good…

after game

The game against the team “Russia”. July 5, 2012

Today we play against Russia but they are not real Russians it is just name of their team.

Alice fills soccer players list

“Russians” are very serious they even have tactical soccer map.

soccer map

And now the game began.

Canada, Quebec soccer game Russia vs Denmark

Our team hasn’t complete number of players again…

Russia - Denmark woman's soccer

Game in hot summer without substitution is something… The coach request the water-break very often…

Denmark vs Russia, girls' soccer - Canada, Lasalle

Unfortunately we lost…

teams say goodbye each other

But after the game parents treat children ice cream – what is nice surprise!

Girls from soccer team like ice cream

Game against “Sweden”. 19 July 2012

Today Alice is the team captain.

Alice is captain of soccer team
Denmark vs Sweden, woman's soccer Quebec, Lasalle

Sweden constantly attack

Sweden constantly attack

In cause of numerical superiority opposing team very often attack our goal. So nobody want to play as the goalkeeper. The coach made decision to choose the goalkeeper by a lot. And Alice become the goalkeeper. 🙂

Alice is goalkeeper of soccer team

Alice saved our goal “more than once”

Alice saves our soccer goals

The game against the team “Croatia”. August 7, 2012

Today our team is complete. And there is substitution.

Game by complete team is much better 😉 Our players often attack opposing goals.

This game is ended in draw – 1:1.

This game is ended in draw - 1:1.

Game against “Ukraine”. 9 July 2012

In this game our team has numerical superiority – 6 against 5 players. The weather was not very good – there was a rain.

In the first period Alice played in back.

In second period she played as goalkeeper. In this time the goalkeeper was appointed by a lot again 🙂 . She has missed only one goal (this moment you can see in the photo below).

In the first period “Ukraine” has the initiative but in second period our team became to lead. And “Denmark” won with score 4:2! Well done!



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  1. First win! Congratulations to the players and their parents and to coaches!

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