PILI or French language courses in Montreal

Quebec province has special program for learn French language it called Francisation (or Francization). Main purpose of this  program to study French. But this program is very useful for adaptation and integration in Canadian society after immigration in Quebec. We have been studying in French language courses in Montreal for 8 months (from May to Dec 2010).

We started study French in the Prizma center which is located in LaSalle. There teachers often explained some things in English.

French course in Prizma center - LaSalle

Our first teacher of French was  Simon Lemieux. On his birthday we gave him a postcard in Russian. He tried to read the post card but was surprised, “Oh… is it Russian? What did you write here?”
– “You’ll can read it after you have studied Russian”, Alexandra and me answered him 😉

French teacher Simon Lemieux center Prizma Monreal Lasalle

PILI – French language courses in Centre d’éducation des adultes Champlain (Verdun)

In May 2010 we started to study French in full time intensive  course. Even we started to receive the financial aid by the Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles (MICC)! It were really intensive courses without “English explanations”, only direct method was used.

On the first level in the Centre d’éducation des adultes Champlain one of our new teacher was Valérie Horare.

Centre d’éducation des adultes ChamplainAs I said we studied full-time. So of course there were several breaks and one of them about lasted about 1 hour for lunch.

Relax between lessons..We noted that it was very difficult to study French for persons from China altought their English was quite good.  In the picture below Alexandra (left) and Ma Jing from China.

Alexandra from Russia and Ma Jing from ChinaC’est qui? C’est votre grandpére? French lesson, we work with genealogy tree. Look carefully on typical Chinese family tree!

Look at typical Chinese family tree!Pétrin Paul-André is one of most popular teacher in Champlain center. For us his methods were very effective.

Using role-playing games for learning French

“Vous êtes notre granperé et grandmeré, ne oublier pas SVP!”  (Fr. You’re grandfather and grandma… don’t forget it please!), Paul-Andre explained to students.

You're grandfather and grandma... don't forget it please!In the Champlain center teachers widely use different games for study French. I would say it is very fun!
Our 1st level group contained students from all the world (Russia, China, India, Philippines, Canada)

1st level students and teacher Paul-Andre in the Champlain center

Songs and dancing on the French courses

Don’t believe? It is French lesson… Teacher Linda dancing with a student.

Visiting museums and exhibitions

Museums, exhibitions and excursions are included in French courses. It is very useful. So new immigrants can receive knowledge about culture of Quebec province and its history. Often Picture below: Before excursion. Start point near metro Joliker.

Near metro JolikerWe are going to a museum in Montreal.

On the way we found this couple in the center of Montreal.

Sculpture - couple in the center of Montreal
Alexandra decided to join them 🙂

Alexandra joined to this couple
It is was surprise to meet this really British bus in the Montreal.

British bus in Montreal
There is Wood head in the Montreal museum of fine arts.

Montreal museum of fine arts - wood head
Paper bed. Actually it is prohibited to take shots in most parts of the museum because there are very old and famous painting of Vincent van Gogh.

Paper bed in Montreal museum of fine arts

Museum in MontrealA baby – very original!

Original sculpture of a baby - Montreal Museum of fine artsThis is our group who came to the Montreal museum of fine arts.

French courses students after excursion

French lessons at train stations and terminals

Can you imagine – this is French lesson in one of railway station of Montreal.

French lesson at train station in Montreal

A work with study partner, today I work with Hector Marquez (Venezuela).

French language lesson at Montreal's train station

Alexandra’s study partner is Helda Bunda (Phillipines). This lesson at Bus station in the center of Montreal. Today we have a task to find out all information about traffic routes Montreal-Toronto (schedule, prices etc).

Lesson of French at bus station in Montreal

We performed task and found out all necessary information about buses Montreal-Toronto.

French lesson at Montreal bus stationFrom left to right: teacher Véronique Barbet (from France), Alexandra, Helda Bunda (Philippines).

Alexandra Deyneko with  Véronique Barbet and Helda BundaThis skating-rink right in the center of a railway station.

skating-rink right in the center of Montreal railway station.

And now French lesson in the Angrinion park!

Presence is oblige so we confirmed it by sign.

French courses in parks of Montral and its suburbsWe started our lesson by this simple game 🙂

French language students are playing in a park

It is like a trivia game.

a trivia game in a parkThis is last lesson with teacher Veronique Barbet. Her contract is finished. But she said this is good. She explained that in her family there are 5 (!) boys + husband so she can’t afford this recreation (i.e. work)… and long her absent is really disaster.

Students of French courses in Lasalle's parkWell let’s get back to the Champlain center. Russian – Belorus – Chine friendship. Left to right: Alexander and Alexandra (Russia), Tamara (Belorus), Yixin (China).

Russian - Belorus - China friendshipFrench language lessons with a lot of tasty!

This is not cooking course this is French course.

French language lessons with a lot of tastyActually each student cooked his national food and bring it to the lesson.

Students in Champlain education centerDon’t look at me like that I eating for two.

This is not cooking course this is French course.
Official information about Francisation program (Site of the Goverment of Quebec): PILI (Programme d’intégration linguistique pour les immigrants)

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