Our first bicycle tour in Quebec – photo reportage

This is our firs bicycle tour in Quebec province! We present here photo reportage, more details you can read in the article “Bike tour with kids“.
Our plan included:
1.  Montréal-Ouest -> Dorion train station (by local train)
2. Dorion -> Montreal West KOA campground by bicycles along “Soulanges Canal ” [1].
And back same way.
Well, lets start….

We are on Montreal train station. The Vaudreuil-Hudson train is coming and we have to upload our bicycles and other things in it.

Montréal-Ouest train stationWe are on the way inside the local Montreal train. For us official term “racks for bicycles” was some kind of mysterious… But you can see it now – it just a place for bicycle! 😉
Bicycles on bike racks AMT

And this is Alice’s bicycle on the other side of the car. Note, in left upper corner of the photo there is small picture – an instruction how to fix bike on the “rack”.
Bike rack train Vaudreuil-Hudson trainTime for relax before main cycle travel. We’re going to Dorion train station.
Kids in a commuter Montreal's trainsThe train is “semi-empty” and my kids jump from one place to another.
Child in Montréal local train AMTBeautiful landscapes of Quebec you can see from the train’s window.
Québec landscape from a train

Our bicycle tour in Quebec starts here

We have arrived on Dorion train station.
Dorion train station, Quebec. Our bicycle tour starts here.After some time we arrived at Pointe Des-Cascades.
Pointe Des-Cascades - Québec

Here starts Soulanges Canal (Le canal de soulanges). Water in the canal is very clear even we can see bottom.
Fish in Le canal de soulanges

On the way we were surprised place like anchors’ museum. We decided to stop here and see everything.
Museum of anchors in Quebec
Can you move it?
kid moves anchorHmm… we are not surprised by this “usual” anchor.
simple anchor in museumThese strange anchors (they were found in 1988) used with beacons.
Beacon's anchorsAnd this is beacon with light (weight is 2275 kg).
Light beacon Pointe des cascadesIn the picture below a screw propeller and remains of a steamship. It was found in 1984 in  Saint-Louis lake near  Melocheville (Quebec, Canada).
ship remains Quebec, CanadaYou can study anchor parts with help of this table. Who knows may be you don know it.
Anchor's parts tableAn very old anchor.
Old anchor in museum CanadaEvery object must be explored by kids! 🙂
every museum object must be explored by kidsAlex on an anchor.
Alex at Pointe des Cascades

Lets continue our cycling trip

After Pointe Des-Cascades our path goes on Veloroute 5 along Le canal de soulanges. Thanks to such excellent bike paths bicycle tour in Quebec just enjoying!
bicycle tour QuebecIn one place there was construction area (a high way?) and special detour for bicyclist was built.
Detour for bicyclistsIt seems this bog from a fairy tale.
A bog from a fairy talePrincess frog – Can you find it?
Princess frogOld hydroelectric power station. Thank to this power station the channel could work at night.
Old hydroelectric station on Soulanges Canal

And now we are in the Montreal West KOA campground

Before dark, we should have time to prepare out tent for sleeping and prepare something for eat.
Kids preparing tent for sleeping and cookingAlice prepares our tent for sleeping
preparing tent for sleepingAlex is cooking our dinner.
Cooking in bicycle tourCampfire was one of our important inclusion in “our trip’s program”
Kids like campfireIt is occasionally nice night shot. But we decided to left it here because a something positive in this shot.
Night shotMorning. Alex cooks breakfast.
child prepares breakfast in campAlice tries to feed the animals, but they don’t show any reaction because they are full-fed. They were fed about half an hour ago by personal of the ground camp.
animals in campgroundThe goat looks at Alice with satisfied eyes
Goat in campgroundSedentary lifestyle + high caloric diet could change not only humans… Ducks are in form but I can’t say this about rabbit
Sedentary lifestyle changed rabbitBefore start to ride we need get an energy.
before start to rideThe way home

We would not believe that it is bicycle tour in Quebec if someone showed this picture! It is looks like clear Kuban region in Russia…
Russian like landscape in Quebec provinceYesterday we hadn’t time to explore the old gates of the Le canal de soulanges
Old gates of Soulanges CanalIt is silence here today but long time ago here went ships.
Le canal de soulanges - old gatesOld gates on Le canal de soulanges
Old locks of Soulanges CanalIt is not hot at the morning so it is good time for bike tour.
good time for bike tour in QuebecWe returned to the Dorion train station
Dorion train stationWe are loading bicycles. The local train is comfortable and officially bicycles are welcomed (at least on an advertisement). But frankly speaking, the transport of bicycles on the Montreal local train is very uncomfortable.
loading process of bicycles to trainWe need a rest after loading our bicycles to the train it was really hard work.
Our cycle tour is ended - way homeYou can see other type of a car. There is place for bicycles only on one side. It is impossible to find out it from outside. We had 3 bicycles but only 2 are allowed at the place in same time transferring bicycles between cars are not allowed.
bike racks in Canadian trainAnd now we’ve arrived to Montreal. Photograph: Alice
unloading bikes from train in Montreal

Of course my children never forget this adventure! It was their first real bicycle trip and they spent overnight in a tent 🙂

Useful information for bicyclists: La Route Verte au Quebec

More information about Soulanges canal you can find: HERE

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