Cycling with kids in Montreal (Summer-Autumn 2010)

In this photo album we placed photos of our cycling with kids in Montreal and its suburbs (including parks etc). It was our first summer in the Montreal after we’ve moved here from Russia. So we were impressed because Quebec has special bicycling paths. It called Route verte* (Green network). May be it is funny for you but for us after Russia it is very unusual. We can ride bicycles with our kids and it safe for children.

Did you note that Alice just study cycling in the beginning and she joined us in the end of this photo session? Actually she has studied how to ride bike very quickly.

Some my points about learning kids ride bicycle:

  • It is very important to buy / choose appropriate bike for your kid (you can consult in a store).
  • Your kid should wear a helmet.
  • I never used small side wheels for the balance. I think it increases time of study.
  • At first time you need to walk beside kids and hold bike by seat and its handle bar. If your kid starts bend or fall to left turn bike’s handle bar appropriate to the left for stabilization. In time in such situations ask your kid more and more do it him/herself.
  • When your kid little understand about stabilization – assist only by holding bike seat. Step by step try to less assist – let bend you kid on a side. If you see that your kid little bit understood how to keep balance – release (holding the seat) when you see all is OK.
  • Next step you can push your kid for couple meters etc…

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* – Visit their site to know more: La Route Verte au Quebéc

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