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Here my mailing with Laminar Research – I asked are there any possibilities to develop combat ability in the simulator…

Apr 25, 2011
From: Alexander Deyneko
Austin Meyer (X-plane)
Subject: combat x-plane

Dear Austin,
I use your x-plane little bit more than one year and I like it.
I found out that it has combat options but their abilities are limited. And I found out that personally you against any combat things in your simulator. I didn’t read it by myself just I hear it from x-plane users. And this topic like taboo on x-plane.org forum and people like whispering about it

Knowing your position, I long time hesitated to write this message and express my opinion and thoughts (like many others persons) . But we will not live forever and sometimes it needed to say what you think. I will not impose my view of this subject and my philosophy. I guess it is not interesting for you.  Personally I would like to see more combat functions/ abilities in the future in your x-plane.

May be you can avoid any extremes by removing from your simulator any combat ability but in same time to creating combat addition like this:

It should be not just plugin but very functionally “big” addition which will be integrate in simulator after installing. So people will buy your x-plane without any ability to use weapon. If somebody wants to have combat ability in the he/she will has choice to expand the simulator by buying very functionally  addition.
It would be great that you or someone from your company will at least control working on this combat addition.  It will promote to make this program to compatible with x-plane.  Also some developers say that there are lack of parameters for make weapon. I have thought but it very difficult to explain them… In other words x-plane world will have “warbird” module “in the center” and developers will create their aircrafts, weapon, sceneries etc according it like using general rules. An aircraft developer will know exactly how to make his airplane or weapon (rocket for example) that it will be full functionally through the combat addition. So users can buy warbirds and fly in x-plane but for using weapon they will should buy military addition.

Thank you for your attention

Apr 25, 2011
From: Austin Meyer
To: Alexander Deyneko
Subject: Re: combat x-plane

oh yah i partially agree with you!

but, one of my artists made me promise not to make x-plane do more combat, so i have to honor my agreement!

Apr 28, 2011
From:Alexander Deyneko
To:Austin Meyer
Subject: Re: combat x-plane

Dear Austin Meyer,
thank you for your fast answer.
No doubts – it is your castle.
Could you answer these questions:
1. If  any developer (person or company but not from your staff) created a combat addition would you accept it? Will this fact make any conflict with you or your company? Greg Hofer said: “… I hope my combat enhancements don’t lead to any type of conflict. You can see here: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=51286&st=30
2. Is it possible for you to consider about “deal with all potential developers and users” like – you’ll remove any ability of using of weapon in “default” x-plane in same time adding more “weapon parameters” which can be used by others developers (not from your staff). Or just add these parameters and leave that combat ability as is.

Apr 28, 2011
From: Austin Meyer
To: Alexander Deyneko
Subject: Re: combat x-plane

these are not currently planned


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