My hip-hop dance

This is my debut in dancing. My dancing group took part in concert “End of the year” (“Spectacle de Fin d’Année”). It was April 17, 2011 in the Polyvalente Cavalier-de-LaSalle. I danced in age group 10-14 year old. There were others groups for example hip-hop dancing group 15-18 yo.

By the way I trained in other school (Henri-Forest) each Sunday since September (about 8 months). I didn’t expect that in the end of study we will have final show! In the beginning of training we had three boys, but one left our group in one week after starting.

In the concert I made make up other boy like zombie but he thought that he looked like an idiot. Then I asked Shaila to make up me, but after her work I was like an idiot with big dark rounds below my eyes. Washed all her work I made make up by myself and I was like an acter from “KISS”.

I think that public liked our dance because I heard applauses.

 Enjoy the video from my concert.

Click on the pictures to see the photos.

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