кошка упала с балкона и пропала

My cat Busya has fallen from the balcony and lost – a story with happy end

I came home after school competition (race at 3km) and my parents said that they did not see my cat since morning…

We searched everywhere. In the closet under my bed, everywhere. Then I got an idea.  I go to the neighbors  and asked them, “did you see my cat?” Because my cat often plays on the balcony and we have common balcony with our neighbors. So Busya could go to them. But they said, “no we did not see any cat”. Then I said them, “may be she can be behind that TV?” They checked there – nothing. I back home and my mom said,  “try to search the cat in building’s corridors”.  And I went there. I saw there zero people – everyone were home and watched TV. Also I walked around our building… I didn’t find her but I saw others kittens. Parents said that may by after neighbor man back home – they will find my cat and give it us. Evening, my parents went away to a park for walking with Alain and I stayed home. I felt myself very sad because my cat is lost. I started play on my computer to distract from this event. After an hour home phone rang – my dad called, “come down here and take your cat“.

cat has fallen from the balcony and lost
This is my cat Busya

I was very happy.  I run down and  asked my parents, “where did you find her ?” The said, “on the grass”. It is means that she fell from the balcony (3rd floor) at night! But it seems that my cat is healthy… I was so happy that she is found. After that event we close the balcony every time when Busya is awake.

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