Our moving from Russia to Canada

In January 2010 we have received our immigration visas and decided to fly from Russia to Canada in February. May be for you there isn’t much to it… But for us it was not just the flight, it was moving to Canada… It was immigration from Russia to Canada.

Two days ravel in Kropotkin town – Moscow train was something… But overnight with kids in Domodedovo airport after it was real trial. The prices for food and water were just fantastic. We didn’t see such prices in Russia before and even we didn’t see such prices in Canada after.

We still in Russia…

Domodedovo airport before flight to Canada

Flight from Russia to Canada…

And now we are in flight! Our children found other kids in the plane.

Flight Russia - CanadaAlexandra was busy in the plane with something very important.

She is busy with something important

There was a map in the plane and that map showed current position of the plane.

Flight Russia - Canada by Transaero company

Duration of Moscow – Toronto flight is about 11 hours!

Duration of Moscow - Toronto flight is about 11 hours

Below Greenland – amazing spectacle! Endless snow fields and mountains… Mountains from snow and ice. The Show Queen from Hans Christian Andersen fairy tail lives here. Hmm… interesting who and why gave nave “Greenland” for this place?

Greenland view from plane

And now we are in Canada!

We are in Toronto (near Pearson airport). As you see on the photo below TV shows Winter Olympic games in Toronto. We were fan of Russian team – patriotism not still gone.

Hotel near Pearson aiport Toronto

Second day in Canada. We decided visit a cafe near the Hotel.

firs visit Cafe in Canada - Toronto

Alexandra tries her English – it is the first talk in English in Canada 🙂 Seems this vendor can understand her.

Alexandra tries her English language

That’s real Canadians are eating.

What real Canadians are eating

From Toronto to Montreal by bus…

To reach Montreal we decided by a bus. This is a station during our trip.

Toronto - Montreal by bus

Toronto – Montreal bus travel time duration approximately 6 hours. There is toilet in the bus and you can use WiFi internet, electrical sockets for notebooks, players etc.

By bus from Toronto to Montreal


We are in Montreal. It is our third day in Canada. Nearby Central Bus station we found lot of small hotels with appropriate price and we choose Europeen.

Montreal, hotel Europeen

We spent days to walking in Montreal and discover this beautiful city. In the hotel we back only late evening. Right from this room through internet (WiFi) we found lot of apartment rent offers and choose one from them and signed the lease.

after walking in Monreal

That all! At this point our moving to Canada from Russia has ended… First time in Montreal started after it.

Sometimes we received questions by e-mails, “how much is bus from Toronto to Montreal”, “how often the buses to Montreal”. Although there is address of bus company we used on the photo on this page 😉  I will give direct link – click here.
And we used Transaero company for the Moscow – Toronto flight. At that time they had

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