Flight in a Harvard Mk IV CWHM

Flight in a Harvard Mk IV | Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Flight in a Harvard Mk IV was performed at Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWHM) – John C. Munro Hamilton Int. Airport.



  1. Engine start
  2. Taxiing to RWY
  3. Engine Run-Up
  4. There is a very simple stick 🙂
  5. Take Off
  6. Passage over the museum
  7. Leaving airport’s terminal zone
  8. Steep turns
  9. Flight with the open canopy
  10. Your turn the control
  11. I have the control or real Harvard flight experience!
  12. Decreasing altitude for the airport’s terminal zone
  13. Over the museum again
  14. Approaching
  15. Landing
  16. After the flight

Why North American Harvard Mk. IV?

I lived in Republic of Sakha (Yakutua) and was interested in ALSIB (Alaska-Siberian Lend-Lease route). During World War II ALSIB was used for ferrying American aircraft for soviet pilots. T-6 Texans, the analog of Harvard IV, were ferried on this route and was used as a military trainer.

Soviet pilots and aeromechanics near North American T-6 Texan (World War II)

I am a pilot student (PPL) and it is not my first flight… During the flight on the Harvard MK IV I tried to imagine myself in the place of those pilots who ferried such aircraft along ALSIB route… Thousands of miles over deserted taiga, no good and reliable navigation…

Front’s seat in North American Harvard MK IV

After the flight North American Harvard Mk. IV was placed in the museum’s hangar.
My camera crew 🙂

Thanks a lot to Mr Andy Dobson, a pilot of CWHM and ground crew for helping me with this video recording!

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum – Official site

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