This is called “Copy”. You know what about I talking. It was wrote by our son because he used the English language in school – he talking with his friends during recess.

Copy - method using for punishment in Canadian schools

Just some extractions: “I’am very sorry Mme Bianca for following reasons: I was not gentle, I have been said “so”* I do not respect rules… I say “donc” 500 times. I don’t respect the rules and use English but not use French in my class…
I read books in English…

I will not speak only in English in my class
I will use only French…
… etc”

* – It means that he used English “so” instead French “donc”.

Our son wrote it as punishment because he used English language. But his maternal language is Russian. Me and my wife were surprised that our son can write this after 6 months of study French (after moving to Canada from Russia). But more interesting that we did not teach him English in Canada as well as in Russia! Me and Alexandra used French-Rus dictionary during translating this COPY. 🙂

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