We visited a place with dolmens in 2007 year near Tuapse town, Krasnodarskiy kray (Russia, Black sea). Of course that place was adapted for tourists (we knew it), so we were little bit skeptical… But when we met the dolmens and surrounding them forest… we felt a mystery. I can’t  imagine how those huge stones were placed on to their places! And note – dolmens are placed on the top a mountain… These stones are not just stones they have accurate shapes… Specialists say that dolmens have age same as Egyptian pyramids.

In spite there are many versions nobody knows who, why or why build the dolmens...

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Bell internet provider’s customer service – unforgettable

And now we are in an apartment that we rented recently. How can you live in this modern world without the internet and television? In my memory is still present the inexpressible “soviet-like” service. The internal voice says to me, “Don’t worry – you are in Canada – it is developed country where service is placed in the first place.

After comparing some providers (internet, TV, phone) in Montreal we made the decision to use Bell[1].

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