Bulunskiy ulus, Republic of Sakha, Sokol bay

In 1991 year I worked as paramedic in Geological expedition with Geological faculty of Yakut State University (Bulunsky Ulus*, near Tiksi). It was tundra there and I remember there was strong wind most of time. Of course we had white night in Yakutsk but first time I saw really white nights when the sun NEVER DOWN! Also our camp was placed nearby a hill so in 22.00 – 23.00 the sun has been went behind the hill – it was like night simulation… Our camp was placed on the right bank of the Lena river. When we walked several kilometers down the Lena river we could see famous Stolb island**.

During that expedition I made lot of shots and later created a video by using these shots:

* – Bulunky ulus (Bulunsky district)
** – Stolb island

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  1. Arsalan Zaman says:

    Incredible. Siberias enigma and beauty does not allow me to sum it up in many words that this language permits me. One day i will visit this place from my native Pakistan.

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