mild cured trout fillet

How to prepare a delicious trout fillet at home in pictures

After moving to Canada sometimes we want to cook something "own" Yakut*, tasty and traditional. Surprisingly we didn't found in Canada recipe how to prepare slightly or lightly salted trout fillet! So this recipe in pictures is Yakut or Siberian.... Let's start!

1. We need to have trout or salmon, so we bought a trout fillet in "Frutta C".

Trout fillet

2. After arriving to Canada we were confused in "canadian fish" because always we seen inscribtion "saumon or salmon". So we found difference in "classification" in fish. On this lable there is "truite" (Fr.) or "trout" (Eng). It is means "Forel (Форель)" in Russian in other words it is what we need.

Boneless trout fillet on price tag

3. Then we need select proper dish (or ware) for making salted fish. It would be great if it has a cap. And we cut in half the fillet just for fit it into the dish.

cutting trout fillet

4. Then you need to mix salt and sugar in same proportions you can add black powdered pepper. We didn't add the pepper. Then you need to dredge the fillet (as on the picture). In other words you need make thin-layer on all surface of the trout fillet (no need put this on skin face of the fillet).

preparing fillet we add salt

5. You can add above a lemon, or garlic, or bay leaf. We added a fennel as you see on the picture.

in our recipe you can add a lemon, garlic or bay leaf

6. We preparing second half of the fillet absolutely in same way.

second trout fillet prepare same

7. Then we put both half of the fillet in a dish. We placed them like that just for fit.

two part we placed like this

8. You need to use a cap and put it all in the fridge (not in the freezing chamber!). A fillet such thickness will has salted in some hours! But anyway we started eat it only in about 24h. If you will not use a cap fish be dry. So the salted fillet will not be very tasty.

we can put fish to the fridge

9. You can eat slightly salted trout fillet after 24 hours. As you see on the picture we make slices.


10. Also we make bread (using whole wheal) and put slices of soft-salted fillet on it. It is very tasty and healthful. But for children you can add a butter.

Look at this delicious trout fillet!

11. In spite that fillet looked like not very large for this dish only one half fillet was used.

Our guests were very happy! 🙂

* - Don't mix traditional Russian food with Yakut  food it is very different.

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