Airsoft in Montreal

In the spring time 2011 I took part in several airsoft games near Montreal and I'd like to share with you my impressions.

Airsoft is a recreational activity in which participants shoot plastic balls launched via replica firearms... I found in the internet that this game was created in Japan in the late, because there were restriction to have firearms by civilian people. But it little bit strange for me...

Main rules

The essence of the game to hit your opponent by 6 mm plastic ball which launched as I said via your replica. If you hit your opponent or "enemy player" that player must shout - "I'm hit", then he wear something red (a cap for example) and after this he/she off the game temporary or not it depends on concrete rules. In most rules the player who is hit should return to his/her camp as minimum.
But there is big disadvantage and advantage in same time in this point... There are lot discussions and argues about this moment mostly started by people who haven't enough experience in the airsoft. You probably know that paintball uses balls with paint i.e. as it called. Airsoft's ball doesn't make any mark. So a player just feels hit. Just all! In most cases you can not check / proof that you hit your opponent. In the other words the game based on honestly of participants... Well you can think who will reveal his / her defeat... 😉 Hmm it is logically. But in practice participant who hides his defeats will recognized later by other players. Then this cheater will not invited to other games. So advantage is that you will play with honest people.


As I understood, scenarios could be limited only by an imagination 🙂   Here photos from the game with scenario: Americans from US attacked Quebec and we must defend Quebec 😯 Actually it is beyond my imagination.

And now photos from airsoft game which was near Montreal

This was extracted by civil people from Toyota. Can you imagine if uninitiated person sees this?  These replicas are very similar to their prototypes. Some of airsoft's replicas have same weight as their prototypes.

airsoft guns

Briefing before game. Do you see a face in the center? It is military make up but who knows may be he just eaten a chocolate… 🙂
military make up

WOW! Looks like there are soldiers from all kind of forces from different countries. Where from this soldier?

where from this soldier

The Russian team helps Canada to fight against enemies

Russian aisoft team in Montreal

After fight, there are no more any enemies…

polygon nearby Montreal

We are on defensive position. Enemies attacked us from different positions at same time.

defend position in airsoft

Well we lost that defend position... 🙁 Red tissue on our head means that we are hit. And we went to our camp for a time.

lost defend position

Actually airsoft is some kind of extreme game. Sometimes there are injures. Look at the picture bellow - do you think this is due hit the ball? No - "He has been run, lost control, hit into a tree".

injures in airsoft

Fight is over. We are wet dirty but happy!

airsoft releases a stress

All TANs on the image bellow (click for large). It is very interesting that there are two military men in the team… When I underwent military training at that time it was “quite enough” for me and I think nobody forced me play such military game additionally…

airsoft in Montreal

Yes, this game connects with using weapon replicas but in spite of this airsoft is not associated with violence. I think this game can relieve stress very effectively.

Special thank to Isabelle Fréchette for her photos.


Just see a video of really cool AIRSOFT game where took part 4000 men and tanks, APCs etc !

(It is in Russian but just see the video)

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